100 Things to do Before I Turn 25.

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100 Things to do Before I Turn 25.

  1. Write a novel (seriously!).
  2. Umrah.
  3. Cook an apple pie. (the result is TOO SWEET, it tooks 3 days to eat the whole thing. Haha)
  4. Cook green tea cupcake.
  5. Have a (real) CAT! :D. (I have Momo. She is my little sweet princess :3)
  6. Going to concert. (My office anniversarry concert. A lot of artist perfoms there including NE-YO! Does it count? Yes it does!)
  7. Have 95+ score of 3 Demi Lovato’s songs when karaoke.
  8. Travel to BALI! (haha :p). (DONE!)
  9. Travel to Japan. (you can read the stories here)
  10. Travel to Prague.
  11. Visit Kota Tua. (Reporting and meeting point before my trip to Pulau Seribu)
  12. Visit Affandi Gallery Art. (done at my birthday!)
  13. Learn HTML and CSS code.
  14. Get a Master Scholarship.
  15. Have a pallete of make up (:p). (I love make up and I have essentials basic things for daily and PTC apply, which is nice, and which is good for me :p)
  16. Toefl score min 550.
  17. Run every morning every day for a month!.
  18. Learn Japanese.
  19. Read all of Pram’s Books.
  20. Have a little library.
  21. Get a JOB. (DONE! News Reporter at NET TV. Insya Allah for 2 years, or more. Amin 🙂 )
  22. Explore INDONESIA. (Palembang, Bangka, Jakarta, Sukabumi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Blora, Malang, Surabaya, Makassar, Tana Toraja, Samosir, Lombok… more way to go, Diaz!!)
  23. Swim more often. Tiap ke Sukabumi biasanya renang :3
  24. Have an instagram photo album.
  25. Manage my craft blog and online shop.
  26. Publish a lot short story in magazine.
  27. Complete one-full TTS (crosswords) in Kompas Minggu.
  28. Plant some herbs.
  29. Comeback to postcrossing.
  30. Have a sew machine.
  31. Lost weight (HAHAHA).
  32. Celebrate blog’s birthday (oct 31).
  33. Have 500 blog followers.
  34. Eat spicy food. (now i CAN’T eat if my meals not spicy enough *nomnom*)
  35. Cover all me and my dad’s books.
  36. Buy a beautiful heels.
  37. Buy a beautiful wedges.
  38. Have internet banking card. (Finally!)
  39. Buy white/silver eyeliner. (It’s Sil** Gi** product, sorry to say but i don’t really like it. so noted to me to NEVER bougt anything by that brand again :p)
  40. Travel to Kawah Putih.
  41. Learn Diving.
  42. Have 1 or more underwater picture. (As “work-thing”, i went to LOMBOK for a week. BEAUTIFUL island, especially in Gili Trawangan. I’ll going back there for sure ;D)
  43. Patient.
  44. Get some of my digital photos printed.
  45. Yoga.
  46. Back pain recovered. (I’m a “journalist”, my job is out there. So bye-bye sitting-in-front-of-computer-for-ten-hours-per-days-job-that-caused-me-backpain! HAHAHAHA *although in weekend i usually spend my time in front of computer.*)
  47. Do something crazy with my hair. (DONE! Now, my hair color is GREEN! HAHA.. Next, maybe PINK would be great, altough i wear hijab, that means no one see my hair, but i did it because of me, not anyone else. :p )
  48. Wash kerudung twice a week.
  49. Buy skirt that suits me. (I wore it when meeting D’s family)
  50. Eat red rice regullary. (Tiap lagi di Sukabumi pasti makannya nasi merah :’) )
  51. Upload 20 songs to soundcloud. (Diganti ke smulee deh ya, udah lebih dari 20! :D)
  52. Learn guitar. (I bought my guitarlele right before my 24 bday and still practice it everyday :D)
  53. Learn archery. (It’s really FUN!)
  54. Pilates.
  55. Cook some Indonesian food.
  56. Swimming without glasses.
  57. Bikin PO BOX
  58. Masuk TV (as my job on NET’s news reporter, it required me to on cam (ptc) sometime. HAHA ;P)
  59. Masuk Majalah
  60. Buy domain for blog. (Done. You can see on my blog address)
  61. Manage blog seriously
  62. Write blog at least 5 times a week
  63. Eat healthy food reguraly
  64. Explore JAVA
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