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26 | Life

13 Juni 2017

Today is 4 months past my 26th birthday. Being 26 years old doesn’t affect me in some points, but yet it’s amuse me in the fact that I’m no longer a teenager (it’s just like yesterday I’m screaming passionately when watching Chad Murray’s movie on tv, meh). Now I’m almost 30. This thought came just straight in my head when I was on my way to the airport for visiting my husband in Malang. I think it will be fun if I create a list about advantage and disadvantage of being 26. So here we go…

Advantage of being 26:

  1. Mature enough to make a life decision (no matter what).
  2. Staying all night with workmate, talking (and mumbling) about anything, from work-related to gossip.
  3. Financially responsible. Be careful in credit card!
  4. You can allocate your own income, divide it into several things you love, like book shopping or traveling. It’s up to you!
  5. You can manage your time to consider to traveling alone or join an open trip.
  6. Old enough to get married.
  7. Mature enough to have an opinion about being single. Everybody WILL listen to you.
  8. Don’t give a shit about what people think.
  9. Don’t give a F when you know someone is talking behind your back.
  10. No need more DRAMA cause your life is already full of it.
  11. You will be more interest with deep conversation with a friend despite of chat in a big group.
  12. Sleeping or taking a nap is something that you look forward to.
  13. You don’t know where life is gonna lead you but you don’t care because you’re the captain of your own life.

Disadvantage of being 26:

  1. When stranger ask you by “Ibu”, not “Kakak” or “Mbak” anymore.
  2. Everybody keep asking you when to get married.
  3. When you are (married), everybody keep asking you when will you have a child, and so the other questions.
  4. Deadline at work, deadline everywhere!
  5. You keep asking yourself about your purpose in life.
  6. You must eat healthy to be more fit!
  7. Career enhancement.
  8. Your parents start telling you all the good family secrets that you were too young to know about before.
  9. Get insecure when hear a lot of people at your age has already achieve something better than you (or they get scholarship, etc).
  10. You can legitimately be annoyed by teens.
  11. Intimate concert cost expensive like hell but you choose it anyway because regular concert makes you dizzy.

And the list keep going on. Still, I am enjoying myself for being 26, 🙂



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