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Bookstore always be a magical place to me. I love the atmosphere, the smell of new books, the talk between visitors, and the music in the background.

In fact, spending time in bookstore has become my hobby since I was 13. I can spend more than 3 hours, walking among books, judge it by the cover (yes I do), read the synopsis, and sometimes hiding my favorite book in the corner of bookshelf that rarely visited by visitor and pick up the book the following week when I have enough money to buy it. Hehe.

When it come to traveling, before going to some cities or countries, I always take notes to several local bookstores. This one is BooksActually, local bookstore located in Singapore. I visited this place earlier this year (February) alone (well, I went to Singapore with my mother and brother but they refuse to came to the bookstore).

Well, it was a little bit tricky to find this place. Especially when you don’t have internet connection. Argh, I spend 2 hours walking the neighborhood, take the wrong bus, until finally I gave up and bought internet data in the nearest seven eleven. I thought it was easy to exploring the place without the help of google maps. I was wrong. Big time. 15 minutes after I have internet connection, I arrived in BooksActually, safe and sound! 🙂

As an independent bookstore that specialize in fiction and literature, I am curious about their authors and local novels. So I ask the staff, her name is Angeline, if I’m not mistaken, to give me some recommendation. She came with several books and explain the summary of the books one by one. She is so nice! 🙂 I ended up buying 2 books and 1 pouch as a souvenirs.

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Well, I know BooksActually back in 2013, when a friend of mind tells me about their instagram account. I am so in love with their photos and of course, it give me a good and catchy news-feed-instagram-feeling everytime I scroll down their instragram page. At that time, I determine myself to go there whenever I have a chance to traveling to Singapore. Well, dreams come true!

Did I already tell you that they also have book vending machines? Can you believe it?! It’s also Singapore’s first book vending machine! Super Cool! It launched in June this year, located at the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Visitor Centre, and Goodman Arts Centre. Each vending machine can store about 120 to 150 books! I am so going to Singapore again! 😀

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Do you have any bookstore recommendation near your place? Let me know in the comment below! 🙂

BooksActually, Singapore
Address: 9 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168645
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm (Sun & Mon), 10am – 8pm (Tues to Fri)

booksactually.com | maps

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