Eco Pesantren Daarut Tauhiid Bandung

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5 November 2015

The best way to handle stressful deadline is to face it with a big smile. To bring that mood, I decided to pitch an idea about one of famous pesantren (how to call pesantren in english? Pesantren: a school with religious concept in their curriculum) in Bandung. The reason is very simple: Bandung always bring me a good mood. So this is it: Eco Pesantren Daarut Tauhiid Bandung.

Actually, I already have this idea for along time ago. A lot of my colleges keep asking me why Bandung? Why I must go there for two days just to make a feature coverage? And I keep telling them, WHY NOT?! 😀

Located 16km from the city of Bandung, Eco Pesantren surrounded by breathtaking view. As far as I can see, there’s rows of vegetable crops ready to harvest. The horse riding arena beautifully arranged although in some places there’s still under construction. Yes, my mission is to make a sport activity under Sunnah Rasul for Pesona Islami coverage (horse riding and archery).

The arena for horse riding and archery called Daarus Sunnah. It means the place for activities that related to Sunnah Rasul. There’s 29 horses in this place. Did I mention before that this arena belongs to Aa Gym, one of the most influence Ustadz in Indonesia? Yes, Aa Gym loves horse riding. He has one  favorite horse. The rest is belongs to his seven children, and, guess who, Ridwan Kamil, the mayor of Bandung, also has one horse in here.

The place is soooo nice
It’s time to take a bath!
One of the white horse. He’s looking for prince charming :p

Daarus Sunnah is not an organisation. Aa Gym’s son, A Aghazi, is the person in charge/ the owner of this arena. The santri (student) of the pesantren is the one who take care about the horse. They feed, wash, and take care the horse in shift. They also good in riding them! I see some attraction like trot, center, and horse riding and archery at the same time!

With Sanja, the horse
Taking photo with Aa Aghazi, the owner of Daarus Sunnah
My first time riding a horse :3

I recommended this place if you visit Bandung. This place is open to public everyday. Read more about it in the website , or contact them directly:

Eco Pesantren Daarut Tauhiid
Jl. Cigugur Girang No.33
Kp. Pangsor, Desa Cigugur Girang
Kecamatan Parongpong
Bandung Barat

Telp. (022) 6161 5161 / 08122308884



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8 years ago

wow cool placeee…. kereennn kece nih mbak kudanya bikin ngiler punya satu….

Diaz Bela
Diaz Bela
8 years ago

Iya tempatnya bagus banget, jangan lupa kesana kalau sedang main di Bandung 🙂