Movies That Makes You Wanna Leave Your Comfort Zone

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Sometimes life could be so surprising. Decisions we make, step we take, something we’re fighting for.. those are blending in the confusing mind of mine. Losing opportunities, losing something (or someone) in that process is frightening me up. It’s like the dark-scary-monster that once your parent talked to you about. Some people may took their loosing as the normal part of their life, but some other against it by spilling the ugly truth: the sadness.

Deep down, the sadness could transform to our dark secret. Secret that we want to wash away.Through these movies, I found that have a secret is good, but to share it with friends or other medium is better. I’ve got chill after watching these movies. It’s like, where have you been all this time? The emotion beautifully managed by the director. And it makes me want to leave my comfort zone. And here are the list:

1. Into the Wild

This movie based on a true story of Christopher McCandless, an American traveler. This movie is also an adaptation from 1996’s book with the same title, Into the Wild, by Jon Krakaruer. Christoper travel across North America and spent his life in Alaska on 1990s. Self discover is the main idea of the adventure.

Why I wanna leave my comfort zone after watching this movie?
Somehow I amaze of Christopher point of view about life, despite of his carelessness. But still, live the life freely and peace.

2. Wild

Back in 2005, I enjoyed watching Legally Blonde. I assume Reese Witherspoon, as a funny actress and no, in a million years, that she will fit for another character other than the funny-girly one. But, I am wrong. In 2014 I watched Witherspoon’s instagram page and saw the gif of her backpack set that she use in this movie. And I directly search all the things about this Wild movie, out of my curiosity. I watched it and fell in love directly after the second I finish the movie.

The story is based on Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. And yes it’s about her journey to Pacific Crest Trail, ALONE, after her mother died and her divorce. That tragedy and the journey affect her perspective about everything: the value of family, relationship, love, and life. It leads her into new perspective and slowly heal her fear about life itself.

What I love the most in this movie, except the cinematic scene, is how Witherspoon deliver the emotion to the viewers. I can’t find perfect word to tell you, but the energy and the emotion made me burst into tears.

Another trivia, Witherspoon is also the producer in this movie. After she read the book, she contacted Strayed and tell her she wanted to make a movie about it. She is so amazing! If you happen to scrolling down her instagram page, you can see that she is also a bookworm!

Cheryl Strayed

3. The “Before” Trilogy

Before Sunrise (1995)
Before Sunset (2004)
Before Midnight (2013)

I watched Before Sunrise back in collage, which is so late, but that’s ok. I amaze how this poetic movie  (yes, let me have my own describing-word for this trilogy) like a dream comes true. It’s not like princess-kind-of-movie but the connection between the actor and actress are incredible. To find a perfect partner just in a click and have so much things in common is so dreamy for me. Like, although all of this movie just focus about chit-chatting between Jesse and Celine, but this works in every single movie!

So, what is in the movie that wanna make you leave your comfort zone? Well, the movie take places in Vienna, France, and Greece respectively. Do you see what I see?

In addition, the conversation between the two main actors are incredible. They talked anything. Literally anything. This is perfect for you who loves to capture some quotes in pinterest or goodreads, you can find a lot in these movies (:p). Have you ever fall in love with someone’s conversations? Do you know what is like? It’s good if you never have that feeling cause after watching this trilogy I bet you will.

Which one is your favorite?
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6 years ago

saya lebih suka movie genre romance sih mba, tapi makasih ya rekomendasi filmnya boleh juga untuk selingan ^^

Salam kenal ya, saya enny yang komen di grup fb KEB untuk saling bw ^^

Diaz Bela
Diaz Bela
6 years ago

Salam kenal juga.. Terima kasih sudah mampir 🙂


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