With over 8 years of expertise, I’ve excelled as a content writer, demonstrating proficiency in media, digital content planning, marketing, and strategy. My journey includes pivotal roles such as Journalist, Content Marketing Specialist, Digital Media Strategist, and BtoB Marketing in both private and state-owned corporations. Here are some examples of my works:

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Journalist, Content Creator, and Everything in Between

Conducting news coverage – interviewing people.
Interviewing people in Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Japan (2017)

I always have a passion in creating a content, especially writing. This blog itself, is one of my medium to enhance my skill through social media & SEO writing. I have experience as a journalist in one of the best TV in Indonesia from 2013 to 2017. During that time, I make a lot of news coverage (news writing, directing, and sometimes, a voice over talent too) in various programs such us: Citizen Journalist, In Depth Reporting, Soft News, Magazine News, and build in or commercial coverage.

News Coverage

Here are some of my news coverage. All script research and written by me, and executed also by me and the Video Journalist.

Content Creator

With my interest in creative writing, I am familiar with creating advertising content and video making for campaign and contest.

Here are lists of my previous campaign and contest:

Moderator and Master of Ceremony (MC)

I’m also familiar with moderator and MC process in professional world as I always chosen to conduct some events.

Voice Over (VO) Talent

To narrate and telling stories through voice intonation is one of my competence. I have work, volunteering, and join a contest as a Voice Over (VO) talent. You can preview some of my work here: